About LobbyPlag

The objective of LobbyPlag.eu is to make complex and opaque democratic procedures transparent.

LobbyPlag.eu was started as a project to track “copy and paste” data protection legislation in the European Parliament. A number of Parliamentarians have simply copied changes to data protection laws from Amazon, eBay, the American Chamber of Commerce, but also from Privacy NGOs – consequently called “lobby and paste”.

In 2013 LobbyPlag.eu has then tracked the publically available data of 3,100 amendments by Members of the European Parliament, allowing the average people and journalists to easily find out what their representatives are proposing.

Now LobbyPlag.eu is back, analyzing the actions by the 32 national Governments (EU, EEA and Switzerland) that are involved in the decision process through the European Council. As the Council debates are generally secret, the last version of LobbyPlag.eu relies on about 11.000 pages of mainly classified EU documents and about 300 paged of classifies German “cables”.

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