Amendment LIBE #102

Article 6 – Paragraph 1+

1c. The interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject as referred to in paragraph 1a override the legitimate interest of the controller, as a rule, if: (a) the processing causes a serious risk of damage to the data subject; (b) special categories of data as referred to in paragraph 1 of article 9, location data, or biometric data are processed; (c) the data subject can reasonably expect, on the basis of the context of the processing, that his or her personal data will only be processed for a specific purpose or treated confidentially, unless the data subject concerned has been informed specifically and separately about the use of his or her personal data for purposes other than the performance of the service; (d) personal data are processed in the context of profiling; (e) personal data is made accessible for a large number of persons or large amounts of personal data about the data subject are processed or combined with other data; (f) the processing of personal data may adversely affect the data subject, in particular because it can lead to defamation or discrimination; or (g) the data subject is a child.

Current Data Privacy Rating is : stronger    Jan Philipp Albrecht Germany Greens/EFA

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