Amendment LIBE #1099

Article 10

If the data processed by a controller do not permit the controller to identify a natural person, the controller shall not be obliged to acquire additional information in order to identify 1. The establishment of a common procedure for automated processing by several data controllers shall be permissible provided that this procedure is appropriate taking into account the legitimate interests of the data subjects and the duties or business purposes of the participating data controllers and each of these data controllers at least has full control over the processing of the data he or she has collected. Several data controllers may also have full control over all data in a joint automated processing procedure. 2. The data controllers shall ensure that the lawfulness of the joint procedure can be monitored. To that end they shall specify in writing: (a) the reason and purpose for the joint automated data processing procedure; (b) all participating data controllers and their purposes; (c) third parties to whom data is transmitted; (d) type of data; (e) the technical and organisational measures and procedures required. 3. The data subject of a data processing procedure may assert his or her rights vis- à-vis each data controller. If that data controller does not have full control over the data, he or she shall be required to pass on the request of the data subject to the controller who collected the data subject for the sole purpose of complying with any provision . The data subject shall be informed about the transmission of his or her request to the data controller. The data subject’s right to be informed shall extend to all data controllers and all purposes of the joint data processing procedure. 4. The data controllers shall be jointly and severally liable for the compliance of the whole automated data processing procedure with the data protection requirements of this Regulation.regulation.

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