Amendment LIBE #1731

Article 23 – Paragraph 2+

2a. Products and services which are distributed in the EEA and inherently used to also process personal data shall be designed to enable controllers and processors, including controllers and processors which fall under Article 2(2)(d), to use them in compliance with this regulation. Products and services which are especially customized for distribution in the EEA shall additionally be set to default settings in compliance with paragraph 2, if reasonable possible. This duty applies to manufacturers of finished products and providers of services. Any person who, by putting his name, trade mark or other distinguishing feature on the product or service presents himself as its manufacturer, shall be deemed to be the manufacturer. If the manufacture cannot be determined or held accountable, this duty also applies to the person who imported products into the EEA for distribution in the course of his business or distributes such services in the EEA.

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