Amendment LIBE #2079

Article 33 – Paragraph 6

6. The Commission shall be empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 86 for the purpose of further specifying the criteria and conditions forencourage, in particular at the European level, the establishment of common criteria for determining the level of risk of the processing operations likely to present specific risks referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 and the requirements for the assessment referred to in paragraph 3, including conditions for scalability, verification and auditability. In doing so, the Commission shall consider specific measures for micro, small and medium- sized well as the execution of privacy impact assessments, taking into account the specific features of the various sectors, the size of the controller, the nature of the data, the consequences of the processing for the data subjects and the nature of the processing operations.

Current Data Privacy Rating is : neutral    Wim van de Camp Netherlands EPP

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