Amendment LIBE #2401

Article 41 – Paragraph 4+

4a. The Commission shall adopt and make public binding procedures for reaching decisions concerning the adequacy of protection, which shall contain at least the following information: (a) the procedures by which a third country, territory, a processing sector within that third country (which can be represented by an association or group of data controllers or data processors), or an international or regional organisation may request that an adequacy decision be issued; (b) the steps of the decision-making procedure, including time limits within which each step must be completed; (c) the rights of the party or parties that have requested an adequacy decision to present their case in the various steps of the procedure; (d) how interested parties (including individuals, consumer organisations, academic experts, government entities, data controllers and processors, and others) may express their opinion concerning the proposed decision. The Commission shall either approve or refuse an application for a decision regarding the adequacy of protection within one year of its submission.

Current Data Privacy Rating is : neutral    Baroness Sarah Ludford United Kingdom ALDE

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