Amendment LIBE #2642

Article 54+

these supervisory authorities may request further information, cooperation with the reporting authority under the terms laid down in Articles 55 and 56 or coordinated action between all the supervisory authorities concerned under the terms laid down in paragraph 3. 2. The supervisory authority concerned shall provide the other authorities concerned with a draft measure or any other relevant information, including a summary of the facts and a legal report, before adopting a measure to close an open procedure in respect of Article 54(a) Lead authority 1. In the event of complaints, investigations or other supervisory activities and which have legal effects on controllers, processors or data subjects. 3. In the event that a supervisory authority concerned requests coordinated action between all the supervisory authorities concerned, the supervisory authority of the Member State in which the main establishment of the controller or processor is located shall be the lead authority and shall act, with their accord, on behalf of the pertaining to the processing of personal data, as part of the activities of a controller or processor established in more than one Member State, or if such data processing affects persons in more than one Member State, the supervisory authority concerned shall inform any other supervisory authorities concerned at all stages of the supervisory procedures. To that end, the lead authority must, inter alia, submit draft measures to the other before initiating any procedure. Any of request from one or more of the supervisory authorities concerned. 4. If any of the , the requesting supervisory authorities concerned expresses its opposition to the proposed draft measures within three weeks of their submission shall be competent to take provisional measures, and shall refer the matter will be referred to the European Data Protection Board under the terms of Article 58. 5. If none of the supervisory authorities expresses its opposition, the proposed measure shall be adopted by all the supervisory authorities concerned and applied at national level. 6. In the event that the lead authority fails to act within one month of receiving aas per the procedure laid down in Article 58.

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