Amendment LIBE #2764

Article 70+

Article 70a Experts or Group of Experts 1. The European Data Protection Board shall set up a body of stakeholders, this body shall consist of experts from concerned stakeholder groups. The Chair may propose such stakeholders. In proposing this, the Chair shall take data subjects' associations, consumer groups and experts from the private sector and academia into account. 2. The Board shall decide upon the setup and the frequency of the expert group. These decisions shall be based on provisions made in the internal rules of the Board. These rules shall be made public. 3. The Chair of the Board shall also be the Chair the group of experts. 4. Members of the Board may not be members of the expert group. The members of the expert group shall change once during the legislature and at least every 3 years. A representative of the European Parliament and Commission staff shall be invited to the meetings of the expert group and to contribute to its work. 5. The experts shall be consulted by the Board on its activities.

Current Data Privacy Rating is : neutral    Monika Hohlmeier Germany EPP

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