Amendment LIBE #2867

Article 79 – Paragraph 2+

2a. The administrative sanction shall take into account the following factors: (a) the nature, gravity and duration of the incompliance; (b) the procedures implemented in respect to the contexts of and risks represented by the data processing referred to under Articles 5a and 5b; (c) the degree of responsibility of the natural or legal person and of previous breaches by this person; (d) the degree of technical and organisational measures and procedures implemented pursuant to: (i) Article 23 - Data protection by design and by default; (ii) Article 23a - Compliance; (iii) Article 30 - Security of processing; (iv) Article 33 - Data protection impact assessment; (v) Article 33a - Data protection compliance review; (vi) Article 35 - Designation of the data protection officer; (e) the degree of co-operation with the supervisory authority.

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