Amendment LIBE #292

Article 61+

Article 61a Intervention by the Commission 1. Within ten weeks after a matter has been raised under Article 58, or at the latest within six weeks in the case of Article 61, the Commission may adopt, in order to ensure correct and consistent application of this Regulation, an opinion in relation to matters raised pursuant to Articles 58 or 61. 2. Where the Commission has adopted an opinion in accordance with paragraph 1, the supervisory authority concerned shall take the utmost account of the Commission’s opinion and inform the Commission and the European Data Protection Board whether it intends to maintain or amend its draft measure 3. Where the supervisory authority concerned intends not to follow the opinion of the Commission, it shall inform the Commission and the European Data Protection Board thereof within one month and provide a reasoned justification. This reasoned justification shall be made publicly available. 4. In the event of a decision of the European Data Protection Board pursuant to Article 58(8b), the Commission may appeal against it before the Court of Justice of the European Union on the basis of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. .

Current Data Privacy Rating is : neutral    Jan Philipp Albrecht Germany Greens/EFA

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