Amendment LIBE #3017

Article 82 – Paragraph 1+

1b. Without prejudice to the other provisions of this regulation, the legal provisions of the Member States referred to in paragraph 1 shall at the minimum include the following minimum standards: (a) Processing of data on employees without the employees’ knowledge shall not be permitted. The private and intimate life of employees shall always be respected; (b) Optical electronic surveillance of parts of the business premises which are not accessible to the public and are predominantly used for purposes of an employee’s private life, particularly in sanitary facilities, changing rooms, rooms where breaks are spent and bedrooms, shall not be permitted; (c) Optical electronic surveillance of publicly accessible parts of the business premises and parts which are not accessible to the public and are not predominantly used for purposes of an employee’s private life, such as entry halls, foyers, offices, workshops or the like, shall be permitted only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary for the safety/security of the employee and of the business; (d) Insofar as possible, surveillance of public parts of the business should not include surveillance of the employee in his place of work. Before surveillance is performed, the employee shall be informed when and for how long the surveillance devices will be operated; (e) Acoustic electronic surveillance shall be permitted only on compelling grounds of public safety, for example in the cockpit of an aircraft. Secret surveillance shall always be prohibited; (f) Any surveillance of employees’ representatives who are provided for by European Union law or domestic law and/or customs, including trade union representatives, shall be prohibited in relation to their representative activity. The same shall apply to blacklisting; (g) Medical data on employees, particularly those gathered in connection with occupational health care examinations pursuant to Article 81(1)(a), may also not be disclosed to the employer; (h) Profiling and processing whose purpose is to permanently monitor employees, their performance or their conduct, shall be prohibited. This shall apply irrespective of the technology used.

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