Amendment LIBE #3097

Article 83+

Article 83a Derogations in respect of processing for historical, statistical and scientific research purposes 1. Once the initial processing for which they were collected has been completed, personal data may be processed by archive services whose main or mandatory task is to collect, conserve, provide information about, exploit and disseminate archives in the public interest, in particular in order to substantiate individuals’ rights or for historical, statistical or scientific research purposes. The communication and dissemination tasks shall be carried out in accordance with the rules laid down by the Member States concerning access to and the release and dissemination of administrative or archive documents. 2. These forms of processing of personal data shall not be subject to the requirements laid down in Articles 5(d), 9, 23, 32, 33, 38 and 53(1)(f) and (g) of this Regulation. 3. Member States shall encourage the drafting, in particular by the European Archives Group, of codes of conduct designed to help archives apply rules on the processing of personal data, in particular in order to guarantee: (a) the confidentiality of data vis-à-vis third parties; (b) the authenticity, integrity and proper conservation of data; (c) access to archives in the context of the rules governing access to the Member States' administrative documents or archives.

Current Data Privacy Rating is : weaker    Marie-Christine Vergiat France GUE/NGL

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