Amendment LIBE #851

Article 5+

Article 5b Respect to risk Controllers shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures and procedures in respect to the risks represented by the data processing, in particular where: (a) personal data of more than 5000 data subjects during any consecutive 12-month period are processed; (b) special categories of data as laid down in Article 9.1 are processed; (c) personal data of children are processed; (d) not solely pseudonymised data are processed; (e) processing operations in case of a breach may adversely affect the personal data or privacy of the data subject causing identity theft, financial or physical harm or significant humiliation or damage to reputation; (f) a systematic and extensive evaluation is carried out as referred to under Article 4, paragraph 1, point 2 d (new); (g) information on sex life, health, race and ethnic origin or for the provision of health care, epidemiological researches, or surveys of mental or infectious diseases are processed and where the data are processed for taking measures or decisions regarding specific individuals on a large scale; (h) publicly accessible areas are monitored, especially when using optic- electronic devices (video surveillance) on a large scale; (i) personal data are processed in large scale filing systems on genetic data or biometric data; (j) processing operations require the consultation of the supervisory authority pursuant to point (b) of Article 34(2).

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