Amendment LIBE #893

Article 6 – Paragraph 1 – Point 6+

(fa) processing is necessary in the employment context, in particular for the purposes of the recruitment, the performance of the contract of employment, including discharge of obligations laid down by law or by collective agreements, management, planning and organization of work, health and safety at work, and for the purposes of the exercise and enjoyment, on an individual or collective basis, of rights and benefits related to employment, and for the purpose of the termination of the employment relationship, as well as for the purpose of entering, updating, improving, and modifying employees' data processing systems, including technical security systems designed to protect employees' data against unauthorized access by third parties, including transformation, viruses and malware;

Current Data Privacy Rating is : weaker    Rafał Trzaskowski Poland EPP    Jacek Protasiewicz Poland EPP    Arkadiusz Tomasz Bratkowski Poland EPP

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