Amendment LIBE #943

Article 6 – Paragraph 4

4. Where the purpose of further processing is not compatible 4. Personal data have may not be processed further if the intended purpose for which the personal data will be processed is incompatible with the one for which the personal data have been collected, the processing must have a legal basis at least in one of the grounds referred to in points (a) to (e) of paragraph 1. This shall in particular apply to any change of terms and general conditions of a contract.. The data controller must assess the compatibility of the purposes in taking into account: (a) the affiliation between the intended and original processing purposes; (b) the nature of the data concerned; (c) the consequences of the intended processing for the data subjects or third parties; (d) the ways and means used for the original collection of the data; (e) any adequate safeguards the data controller has provided.

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